1st Online Conference
in Schema Therapy for Children and Adolescents (ST-CA)


Topic: Creative Approaches in ST-CA


Content. Schema Therapy (ST), developed by Jeffrey Young is an enhancement and development of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with a particular emphasis on the integration of emotional, attachment and developmental factors as central components of both assessment and therapy.  ST is based on a model of schemas, modes and basic childhood needs that interact and evolve over the course of the lifespan, playing a key role in the development of psychological problems. Therefore, ST – as a technical and strategic variant of CBT – is a model which apppears to be well suited to the field of child and adolescent therapy, with a range of powerful techniques that generate emotional, interpersonal, cognitive and behavioural transformation.


Objectives. The aim of this Online Conference is to present creative and age-appropriate approaches within the schema therapeutic framework for younger clients and their parental caregivers. These approaches provide clients with a better understanding of their own schemas, modes, and emotional needs and how they are linked to the difficult feelings and dysfunctional behaviours that they seek help for in therapy.


Who is this conference for?  This conference is suitable for a range of professionals who practice psychotherapy, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and other professions with psychotherapy training, according to legislation or rules in their country, and if possible have undertaken some training and/or certification in ST-CA or Schema Therapy for individual adults (according to ISST e.V.) Both beginners and advanced practitioners are invited and should benefit. This ensures certification by the ISST with 6 didactic hours, provided the participants are present the whole day.


The lectures will be recorded on video and made available to conference participants on request afterwards.


Costs:  150 euros  (reduced rates available, more info here)

Please register via the IST Cologne: link

The event is organized by the Institute for Schema Therapy in Cologne (IST-K).





   Dr. Christof Loose                                                                                            Gisela Henn-Mertens


Dr. Christof Loose

Christof Loose, PhD., Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist for Children and Adolescents (CBT), works in his own Private Practice in Düsseldorf, research activity e.g. in ST-CA (Development of Schema-Questionnaire for Children (DISC), Chair of the subcommittee Working Group in ST-CA 2013-2017, and again since 2023; since 2013 advanced-level certified, trainer and supervisor (ISST e.V.), editor and author of ST-CA books and Video-Learning (DVD), conducts workshops and seminars in Schema Therapy for Children, Adolescents and Parents, worldwide.


Gisela Henn-Mertens

Gisela Henn-Mertens, Graduate Psychologist, Psychological Psychotherapist, Cologne. Studied psychology and education at the Universities of Mainz and Münster until 1996, trained in CBT, licensed as a psychological psychotherapist in 2003. Since then working in private practice in Cologne. 2006-2009 advanced training in schema therapy with Heinrich Berbalk, Jeffrey Young and other lecturers in schema therapy. ISST Certification as a supervisor and trainer.
Since 2016 Training director of the Cologne Institute for Schema Therapy
(IST-K Schematherapie Köln). ISST Certification as Trainer / Supervisor
for Individuals.


The IST-K Schema Therapy Cologne

The IST-K is a well-established training institute founded as one of the first in Germany in 2010 in Cologne. It offers regularly the basic training for schema therapy for adults and for children, adolescents & parents (ST-CA) and a variety of special workshops, supervision and self-disclosure. Every year approximately 150 participants attend our workshops and seminars. The Institute is certified by the International Society of Schema Therapy
(ISST e.V.; more information here).